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Title Publication Date
The Giant UN Agency Hijacked by Hamas Epoch Times May 7, 2024
IDF uncovers Hamas center under UNRWA HQ i24 News February 15, 2024
"They see hiring Hamas terrorists as a mark of diversity" Israel from the Inside February 7, 2024
Funds suspended after UNRWA workers involved in Oct. 7 i24 News January 28, 2024
Unraveling the origins: Examining antisemitism within Palestinian society Jerusalem Post August 9, 2023
How the anti-Semitic BDS movement is winning, even when it loses JNS June 2, 2022
Dr. Asaf Romirowsky on the Renewal of UNRWA's Mandate B'nai B'rith International December 18, 2019
'Israel Studies' academics blast 'academic thuggery' of the left May 29, 2019
Yes, the BDS Movement Is Anti-Semitic, Similar to Nazi Campaigns Washington Free Beacon May 20, 2019
Academic Flash Mobs: Professor Proxies for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Medium May 19, 2019
Emory Investigation Concludes Mock Eviction Notices Weren't Anti-Semitic The Jewish Journal May 9, 2019
Word Crimes: Left-wing Israel Studies faculty try to silence scholars deemed too pro-Israel Legal Insurrection May 2, 2019
The Word Crimes Controversy Fathom May 2019
Israel Journal Editors Reject Claims of Publishing 'Anti-BDS' Issue, Defend Academic Integrity Algemeiner April 30, 2019
Exposing the UN's Palestinian Refugee Sham The Watchman October 21, 2018
Most Israelis agree with Netanyahu's hard line on Iran i24 News May 4, 2018
Benjamin Netanyahu's 'projection of strength secures the support of young Israelis' CBC News February 12, 2018
U.S. Funding Cut Reignites Debate on Palestinian Refugee Agency The New York Times January 17, 2018
How a U.S. Quaker Group That Won the Nobel Peace Prize Ended Up on Israel's BDS Blacklist Haaretz January 8, 2018
Experts Praise Inclusion of Anti-Israel Campus Groups on BDS Blacklist The Algemeiner January 8, 2018
Will Trump alter US policy on Palestinian refugees and their UN agency? JNS January 8, 2018
Trump Administration's Warning of Aid Cut to Palestinians Is Response to PA Intransigence, Experts Say The Algemeiner January 3, 2018
Impact of U.S. Aid to Palestinians i24 News January 3, 2018
Asaf Romirowsky on Hezbollah threats against Israel i24 News May 15, 2017
Asaf Romirowsky on Israeli settlements i24 News April 13, 2017
Anti-Israel Movement Suppresses Freedom Of Thought On Campuses WIBC December 7, 2016
Academics Are Spreading Anti-Israel Message At Universities Everywhere WIBC December 7, 2016
Boycott Israel? Faculty caught up in BDS dispute J Weekly October 15, 2015
Birth of the Palestinian refugee relief problem TLV1 September 25, 2015
How a Little-Known Movement Succeeds in Demonizing Israel Voices for Reason July 31, 2015
New book probes the growing impact of BDS on academia The Times of Israel March 7, 2015
Despite Gaza Bombings, U.N. Agency Wins Respect From Israel Forward August 8, 2014
Israeli UN envoy: UNRWA fuels 'fiction' of Palestinian 'right of return' The Jerusalem Post May 20, 2014
The Quaker Exchange, Part 2 Jewish Journal April 3, 2014
The Quaker Exchange, Part 1 Jewish Journal March 26, 2014
Why Palestinians Still Live in Refugee Camps Jewish News One December 21, 2013
Academic Backers of Boycott Israel Movement Take Aim at Bigger Targets Forward December 18, 2013
Backing the Israel Boycott Inside Higher Ed December 17, 2013
When Friends Turn Anti-Semitic Commentary December 9, 2013
UN agency promotes Palestinian agenda: scholar Canadian Jewish News October 25, 2013
Analysts: Hamas-Fatah Split 'Elephant in the Room' for Israel Peace Talks The Algemeiner October 4, 2013
German NGO launches petition to stop labeling of settlement products The Jerusalem Post June 18, 2013
Sherrod Brown's Backers National Review Online September 7, 2012
"Strength & Courage" Jewish Education Series PhillyBurbs September 6, 2012
Romirowsky: Challenging UNRWA AIJAC July 2, 2012
Senate Wades Into 'Refugee' Question Forward June 12, 2012
Righting a refugee wrong New York Post May 25, 2012
Why Obama chose to go in 1967 direction? The Voice of Russia May 24, 2011
'Litigating Palestine' at a Public-supported Law School American Thinker April 24, 2011
The Revolution's Morning After National Review Online March 3, 2011
Drawing Lessons From The Brooklyn College Uproar The Jewish Week February 9, 2011
Yesha Council Shows How PA Negates Peace Israel National News January 10, 2011
The Compromised University Pajamas Media November 29, 2010
Threatening the West The Cord November 3, 2010
UNRWA: Fit for the Wrong Purpose... Henry Jackson Society October 11, 2010
A Revised Take on Palestinian Refugees Tablet Magazine October 8, 2010
Who're You Calling a 'Bigot'? American Thinker August 29, 2010
Experts differ on whether Iran sanctions will work Canadian Jewish News August 26, 2010
A Tale of the Two Mezvinskys Pajamas Media August 1, 2010
Canada Defunds a Terror-Supporting U.N. "Agency" March 29, 2010
Chelsea Clinton Will Join Diverse Mezvinsky Clan Forward December 2, 2009
Panel looks at internal and external challenges facing Israel Jewish Community Voice November 18, 2009
Blocking UNRWA's Terror Ties October 16, 2009
Local Reaction to Gaza Conflict 6 ABC Action News Philadelphia January 3, 2009
The British Inquisition Goes Global November 28, 2007
Controversy Surrounds Speakers at Middle East Panel The University of Delaware Review November 9, 2007
Israeli Booted Inside Higher Education October 31, 2007
Student Groups' Disinviting Israeli Ex-Soldier from Panel The Volokh Conspiracy October 31, 2007
Israeli Veteran Disinvited from Panel JTA October 30, 2007
Professor Kicked Off Panel For Military Record The Philadelphia Bulletin October 30, 2007
UD Boots IDF Veteran Off Forum National Review Phi Beta Cons October 30, 2007
Play Stirs Discussion on Mideast Conflict The Journal (Martinsburg, WV) July 24, 2007
Dealing with anti-Israel activities on Campus Chicago Public Radio February 9, 2007

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief
by Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe
The Algemeiner December 13, 2016
Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief
by Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe
ASMEA November 18, 2015
Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief
by Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2015
Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief
by Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe
The Jerusalem Post May 22, 2014
Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief
by Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism December 2013

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