Asaf Romirowsky
Asaf Romirowsky
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Audio & Video Clips

Title Publication Date
IDF uncovers Hamas center under UNRWA HQ i24 News February 15, 2024
"They see hiring Hamas terrorists as a mark of diversity" Israel from the Inside February 7, 2024
Funds suspended after UNRWA workers involved in Oct. 7 i24 News January 28, 2024
Controversy continues over antisemitism at universities i24 News December 11, 2023
Dr. Asaf Romirowsky on the Renewal of UNRWA's Mandate B'nai B'rith International December 18, 2019
The White House's Withdrawal from UNRWA Funding B'nai B'rith International November 15, 2018
Exposing the UN's Palestinian Refugee Sham The Watchman October 21, 2018
Most Israelis agree with Netanyahu's hard line on Iran i24 News May 4, 2018
Impact of U.S. Aid to Palestinians i24 News January 3, 2018
Asaf Romirowsky on Hezbollah threats against Israel i24 News May 15, 2017
Asaf Romirowsky on Israeli settlements i24 News April 13, 2017
Anti-Israel Movement Suppresses Freedom Of Thought On Campuses WIBC December 7, 2016
Academics Are Spreading Anti-Israel Message At Universities Everywhere WIBC December 7, 2016
Birth of the Palestinian refugee relief problem TLV1 September 25, 2015
How a Little-Known Movement Succeeds in Demonizing Israel Voices for Reason July 31, 2015
Providing Humanitarian Relief or Prolonging the Palestinian Refugee Problem United Nations May 19, 2014
Why Palestinians Still Live in Refugee Camps Jewish News One December 21, 2013
UNRWA: Part of the Problem in the Arab-Israeli Conflict AIPAC Policy Conference March 15, 2013
Combatting the Delegitimation of Israel Canadian Institute for Jewish Research November 6, 2011
Why Obama chose to go in 1967 direction? The Voice of Russia May 24, 2011
Local Reaction to Gaza Conflict 6 ABC Action News Philadelphia January 3, 2009
Dealing with anti-Israel activities on Campus Chicago Public Radio February 9, 2007

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