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Title Publication Date
U.N. Relief and Works Agency is an inseparable arm of Hamas The Washington Times April 13, 2024
The way to address antisemitism on college campuses is to defund and deport Jerusalem Post March 22, 2024
Corrupted from Birth: The UNRWA's Forgotten History The National Interest February 25, 2024
We must keep terrorists out — by any means necessary The Hill February 18, 2024
The Crisis in Higher Education and Advice for Donors RealClearWorld December 21, 2023
Controversy continues over antisemitism at universities i24 News December 11, 2023
Defeating Hamas is must for Israel and the world New York Daily News December 8, 2023
The red-green alliance against the West The Washington Examiner December 1, 2023
United Nations Relief and Works Agency Is Hamas The American Spectator November 25, 2023
The academy promotes Hamas JNS November 13, 2023
Hamas and the Immorality of the "Decolonial" Intellectuals The National Interest October 13, 2023
American Anthropological Association boycott of Israel will be to its detriment Jerusalem Post July 30, 2023
Biden's 'antisemitism strategy' harms efforts to protect Jews The Washington Examiner June 9, 2023
The Zionist dream at 75 JNS April 25, 2023
The Hijacking of Middle East Studies Tablet November 4, 2022
Language Matters Jerusalem Post September 18, 2022
Biden blunders on refugees The Washington Examiner July 21, 2022
Democrats go to war against Israel The Washington Examiner June 2, 2022
MESA's Israel boycott encapsulates everything wrong with academia Jerusalem Post March 27, 2022
What Biden Gets Wrong About UNRWA The National Interest March 23, 2022
From normalizing antisemitism to denying it Jerusalem Post February 21, 2022
Gaza's unending war between wars The Washington Examiner December 16, 2021
Boycotting Israel at the Middle East Studies Association The National Interest December 4, 2021
The distinctiveness of the Balfour Declaration JNS November 4, 2021
The Lost in Translation of US-Israeli Relations The National Interest September 30, 2021
The Progressive Saviour Complex: Quakers, American Jews and Israel Fathom July 2021
Settler colonialism backfires JNS July 25, 2021
How Hamas Took UNRWA Hostage The National Interest June 7, 2021
Rabbis for Hamas Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies May 26, 2021
UNRWA's False Façade of Neutrality Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies May 17, 2021
The Jerusalem Declaration's Bogus Definition of Anti-Semitism The National Interest April 4, 2021
The Ramallah Quakers Minding the Campus March 12, 2021
The True Nature of Tolerance Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies January 22, 2021
"The Struggle for Palestine" Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies November 17, 2020
Turkey is Seeking Global Power at America's Expense The National Interest November 9, 2020
The political split over Israel Jewish News Service (JNS) October 5, 2020
Facts find no room in the world of BDS Jewish News Service (JNS) September 21, 2020
What the U.S. Can Do to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace The National Interest September 19, 2020
College Administrators Must Address Anti-Semitism on Their Campuses Newsweek September 11, 2020
Why the Erasure of History Matters Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies September 7, 2020
Sports, Moral Education, and the NFL Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies July 28, 2020
Red and Green Virtue-Signaling — An American "Intifada"? Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies June 18, 2020
Normalizing Palestinian Scholarship and Anti-Semitism in the Nation's Capital Newsweek May 21, 2020
UNRWA's COVID-19 Disconnect The Brussels Times May 14, 2020
New York's universities stand up against BDS and anti-Semitism New York Daily News May 1, 2020
The Fauda Effect: Israeli Active Defense on the Screen Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies April 19, 2020
If You Will It, It Is No Dream... But Only On Our Terms Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies February 10, 2020
Don't Confuse Me With Facts. It's Always About the "Occupation" Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies January 5, 2020
The Hebrew Word Bibi Must Learn to Resolve Israel's Political Crisis Tablet September 26, 2019
The Tlaib-Omar Show Was a BDS Masterstroke Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies August 29, 2019
The U.N. Agency for Palestinians Is Even Worse Than You Imagine The Wall Street Journal August 6, 2019
After the Apology: The Truth About Our Special Israel Studies Issue Haaretz August 6, 2019
'Palestine' in the age of identity politics The Jerusalem Post July 20, 2019
Lessons from Israel's First US Ambassador Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies June 17, 2019
A Memo to Jared Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies May 12, 2019
College administrators aiding and abetting antisemites The Jerusalem Post May 2, 2019
Israeli Attitudes Towards American Jews Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies April 5, 2019
Quaker Activists Jerusalem Post March 21, 2019
Americans' Two Conceptions of Israel Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies February 19, 2019
The anti-Israel religion Jerusalem Post January 25, 2019
Supporting Faculty on Israel: Now More than Ever Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies December 16, 2018
The White House's Withdrawal from UNRWA Funding B'nai B'rith International November 15, 2018
As the US cuts funding, UNRWA employees forced to flee Gaza Washington Examiner October 11, 2018
For Merkel, Israel's security is negotiable JNS October 8, 2018
Normalizing anti-Semitism Israel Hayom September 30, 2018
Palestinians, You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee The Wall Street Journal September 7, 2018
When a Nazi comparison makes sense: The BDS movement against Israel The Hill August 22, 2018
Time to Rethink Our Attitudes to Middle East Refugees Tablet July 18, 2018
Why Did the Mennonite Central Committee Fund a Booklet Calling on Israelis Not to Serve in the IDF? Tablet June 12, 2018
Zionism and the Wedge Between US and Israeli Jews Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies May 24, 2018
The Real Reason That Palestinians In Gaza Are Marching Forward March 29, 2018
Iran's Role in the Boycott Israel Campaign The National Interest March 15, 2018
Reframing the Middle Eastern and Palestinian Refugee Crises Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies March 13, 2018
The politics of social justice Ynet News March 5, 2018
How Aid To Palestinians Hurts - Not Helps - The Peace Process Forward January 22, 2018
The U.N. Agency That Keeps Palestinians From Prospering The Wall Street Journal January 11, 2018
Moving Jerusalem from heaven to earth Ynet News December 18, 2017
How the Quakers Became Champions of BDS Tablet November 10, 2017
How Palestine "Occupies" Itself Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies October 7, 2017
Follow the Money: The Israel-Boycott Movement and Its Accomplices The National Interest August 30, 2017
The world must finally awaken to the UN refugee agency's failures in the Palestinian territories New York Daily News June 12, 2017
Nakba: The source of Arab-Israeli conflict Ynet News June 1, 2017
The Fight for Zion Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies April 4, 2017
The Nature of Quaker Education Jewish Exponent March 1, 2017
What Can Trump Do to Stop the BDS Movement? Real Clear World February 6, 2017
Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Sparks Hysteria on Campus Ynet News January 10, 2017
Dublin Is Not Jerusalem Forward January 10, 2017
Jimmy Carter's house of mirrors The Hill December 6, 2016
The United Nations' Palestinian refugee industry National Post November 24, 2016
Why UNESCO Shouldn't Treat Jerusalem as a Weapon The National Interest November 6, 2016
Are Palestinians Ready for #Peace? The Washington Examiner November 5, 2016
A modern blood libel Ynet News November 2, 2016
Greens Should Follow Germany's Lead And Reject Israel Boycotts Huffington Post Canada September 20, 2016
The role of foreign powers in Israel's creation Ynet News September 10, 2016
How US states can promote Israeli-Palestinian peace The Hill August 8, 2016
The anti-Israel movement's 'anti-normalization' campaign National Post August 3, 2016
Learning from Mistakes: Lessons for Obama from Israel The National Interest May 18, 2016
How New York can help stop Europe's rampaging Israel boycotters New York Post May 11, 2016
BDS equals economic warfare Jerusalem Post May 8, 2016
What is Zochrot really remembering? The Times of Israel April 14, 2016
Obama and the Daylight between US and Israel The Hill March 18, 2016
How the United States Mislabels Israel The National Interest February 16, 2016
Anti-Israelism and the Jewish community Jerusalem Post January 25, 2016
The Hypocrisy of the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) The Times of Israel January 8, 2016
Steven Salaita: BDS's Favorite Martyr Ynet News November 14, 2015
The Quakers, No Friends of Israel Wall Street Journal November 5, 2015
A Palestinian awakening The Washington Examiner November 2, 2015
The Politicization of Middle East Studies The American Interest September 18, 2015
Stable No More The Times of Israel August 6, 2015
Return or Die? The American Interest May 17, 2015
Combating BDS The Times of Israel May 6, 2015
Israelis haven't lost hope in peace, but are more prudent about process YNet News March 27, 2015
Anti-Semitic in Intent if Not in Effect The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel March 5, 2015
Are Jews safe in Europe? Philadelphia Inquirer January 15, 2015
What Type of Zionism is Acceptable? The American Interest January 7, 2015
America's Palestine Refugee Policy Is Insane The National Interest December 19, 2014
The ASA's glaring hypocrisy YNet News October 26, 2014
UNRWA: The Crux of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Justice Winter 2014-2015
'Get busy living or get busy dying' Jerusalem Post October 15, 2014
United Nations agency exposed as a tool for Hamas Washington Examiner August 30, 2014
Give Palestine -- Not the U.N. -- the Money, Responsibility, and Glory The New Republic August 29, 2014
Stop Giving Money to the U.N.'s Relief Agency for Palestinians The New Republic August 18, 2014
Gaza: How we got here and what next? YNet News August 15, 2014
From Welfare to Warfare The American Interest August 2, 2014
UNRWA, UNHRC: Fighting for human rights or supporting terrorism? i24 News July 27, 2014
Understanding UNRWA The National Interest July 17, 2014
BDS, MLA, and One Rockin' Shavuot Night The American Interest July 13, 2014
Out in Left Field The Times of Israel June 27, 2014
Jews and Palestinians: A little history remembered YNet News June 7, 2014
The Real Palestinian Refugee Crisis The Tower May 2014
The evenhandedness trap YNet News April 25, 2014
Failed Religious Diplomacy at the Birth of Israel The National Interest March 31, 2014
Why would Kings College entertain BDS? The Times of Israel March 25, 2014
It's always 'Groundhog Day' with the Israeli-Palestinian 'peace process' The Washinton Examiner March 19, 2014
The Politics of the Palestinian Right of Return Forbes February 24, 2014
The 'big tent' to nowhere The Jerusalem Post February 23, 2014
American war weariness? Think again! YNet News January 22, 2014
There they go again The Jerusalem Post December 4, 2013
When Did the Quakers Stop Being Friends? The Tower December 2013
Revisiting Resolution 338 YNet News November 4, 2013
AAUP and BDS UPI November 1, 2013
Hamas: Benevolent Savior Of Syrian Refugees? Forbes October 18, 2013
Peace vs. UNRWA YNet News August 27, 2013
The Israel-Palestinian Looking Glass Trending Central July 31, 2013
Surprising Israel UPI July 23, 2013
Breaking the Silence 2.0 The Jerusalem Post June 26, 2013
Is The Arab-Israeli Conflict Really About Economics? Forbes June 26, 2013
BDS vs. Palestinian Statehood The Algemeiner June 14, 2013
The voices of BDS YNet News May 24, 2013
Asia is Becoming Israel's New Frontier Forbes May 14, 2013
Specter of Islamist terror YNet News May 5, 2013
Blaming the victim for anti-Semitism The Jerusalem Post April 21, 2013
'Book robbery' hijacks history YNet News April 7, 2013
The True Obstacle To Peace Between Israelis And Palestinians Forbes March 26, 2013
The moral challenge of divestment comes to UCSD The Times of Israel March 20, 2013
Peace maker or peace breaker? The Jerusalem Post March 19, 2013
How Brooklyn College legitimized BDS YNet News February 14, 2013
Benjamin Netanyahu V. Yair Lapid, And The Psychology Of Israeli Decision-making Forbes February 8, 2013
Dereliction of Duty YNet News February 6, 2013
Upper Dublin High School vs. the Arab-Israeli conflict The Times of Israel January 30, 2013
Welcome to State of Palestine? YNet News January 29, 2013
Where is UNRWA when it comes to the Syrian Refugees? UPI January 4, 2013
The two-state litmus test UPI December 6, 2012
A Potential Game Changer In Hamas's Attack Methods Forbes November 23, 2012
UNRWA Keeps Quiet on Syria The National Interest November 9, 2012
Palestinian State 2.0 YNet News November 1, 2012
The Ghost Of Yom Kippur, Israel's Pearl Harbor Forbes October 1, 2012
Why Hasn't There Been Another Palestinian Intifada? Forbes September 9, 2012
Washington's Failure to Rein in UNRWA Middle East Quarterly Fall 2012
Israeli 'occupation' a relic of the past YNet News August 26, 2012
Big tent of opinions YNet News August 1, 2012
Welfare dependency harms the Palestinian people The Australian July 16, 2012
Moving in the right direction Washington Jewish Week June 6, 2012
Palestinians: Refugees forever? Ha'aretz June 5, 2012
Palestinian refugees forever? UPI May 25, 2012
Arab tragedy self-inflicted YNet News May 22, 2012
Academia's Jew haters YNet News May 15, 2012
Peace process to nowhere YNet News April 29, 2012
BDS and the AFSC UPI April 24, 2012
Response to 'Zionist BDS' YNet News March 25, 2012
Trapped in a cause The Times of Israel March 21, 2012
A new anti-Israel tactic YNet News March 15, 2012
UNRWA and Israel: Catch 22 The Times of Israel March 15, 2012
The New Palestinian Realism The National Interest March 9, 2012
Salam Fayyad holds the key to Palestine's future National Post March 2, 2012
Homs and Khan Yunis The Times of Israel February 27, 2012
The cost of diplomacy JointMedia News Service February 20, 2012
The demonization of Israel YNet News February 20, 2012
Recognition to what end? UPI February 2, 2012
BDS and Academia The Jerusalem Post January 31, 2012
Don't Be Fooled by the BDS Movement's Hidden Agenda The Jewish Exponent January 11, 2012
The Palestinian 'Spring' and Prospects for Peace inFocus Quarterly Winter 2011
Hamas Overtakes the Palestinian Authority in Jordan The National Interest December 19, 2011
Anti-Israelism in Israel JointMedia News Service December 12, 2011
Israel and Academic Freedom American Thinker November 13, 2011
The Arabs' Nazi slur YNet News November 12, 2011
Hamas' win-win formula YNet News October 23, 2011
The Self-Defeating Statehood Gambit JointMedia News Service October 4, 2011
The Palestinian wonderland YNet News September 16, 2011
It's Really Not About Palestinian Statehood The Jewish Exponent September 15, 2011
The UNRWA Anomaly American Thinker September 11, 2011
Obama's words aren't enough YNet News August 31, 2011
Land for War The Wall Street Journal August 5, 2011
Arabs rewriting history YNet News July 27, 2011
The Entebbe Raid, 35 Years Later National Review Online: The Corner July 6, 2011
Israel's Jordanian friends YNet News June 23, 2011
UN refugee agency poisons the push for Mideast peace New York Daily News June 3, 2011
End the refugee problem YNet News May 29, 2011
Mitchell got it all wrong YNet News May 17, 2011
Corrupting sports in Gaza YNet News May 6, 2011
Revisiting the Jordan option YNet News April 23, 2011
Israel and Hezbollah Prepare for War The National Interest April 21, 2011
Ramallah's Pyrrhic victory YNet News April 11, 2011
Rethinking the End Game American Thinker April 4, 2011
Defund the UNRWA The Wall Street Journal April 1, 2011
Intifada means war YNet News March 27, 2011
The Old Man's legacy The Jerusalem Post March 11, 2011
'Popular Uprising' Does Not Imply Democratic Republic Pajamas Media March 1, 2011
Why Israel Worries About Jordan The National Interest February 23, 2011
Where are the moderates? Ynet News February 16, 2011
Obama's Mistaken Palestinian and Israeli Priorities inFocus Quarterly Winter 2010
Combating the Anti-Semitism of the BDS Movement Pajamas Media December 14, 2010
The 'Facebook' of Palestinian Society American Thinker November 14, 2010
UNRWA and the code of silence The Jerusalem Post November 8, 2010
Artificial 'obstacle' to Mideast peace Philadelphia Daily News October 25, 2010
A Tale of Two Galloways Middle Eastern Studies September 2010
Norton Mezvinsky: Chelsea Clinton's LaRouchite Uncle American Thinker July 31, 2010
The End of Palestinian Democracy? The Weekly Standard Blog July 15, 2010
Israel was the first victim - It won't be the last National Post June 21, 2010
Being Palestinian Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry June 8, 2010
Palestinian Refugees: Still Being Used as Pawns Pajamas Media June 2, 2010
On the Palestinian state-to-be The Washington Examiner May 12, 2010
Can Palestine be one state? The Washington Examiner March 26, 2010
Promises of Reform in Palestinian Schools Unmet Pajamas Media March 12, 2010
Israel's Qualitative Military Edge inFocus Winter 2009
The Mideast Quagmire Philadelphia Daily News November 24, 2009
UNRWA Accountability Bill Hudson New York October 15, 2009
Norton Mezvinsky's Lamentable Legacy - and His Future American Thinker August 15, 2009
UNRWA and Broken Rules May 17, 2009
The Mitchell Report Redux The Philadelphia Bulletin May 4, 2009
U.S. Needs a Better Way to Channel Funds to the Palestinian People The Jewish Exponent April 2, 2009
Aid for sale in Hamas' Gaza Philadelphia Daily News March 4, 2009
Balancing the bias The Jerusalem Post February 2, 2009
The Fibonacci Sequence for a Palestinian State 1, 2, 3, 1 Middle East Times December 16, 2008
The Academy and the Palestinian Refugees inFocus Winter 2008
The US-Israel Alliance Israel at 60: In Our Hearts and Minds October 2008
Study of Israel Can't Be Left to Its Enemies The Jewish Exponent September 18, 2008
Modernity Starts Here - Tunisia Middle East Times August 19, 2008
In Academia, Hiring Token Jews Washington Times August 4, 2008
Plight of MIAs Only Helps Hezbollah's Cause The Jewish Exponent July 3, 2008
Defund UNRWA Washington Times May 19, 2008
UNRWA: Refuge Of Rejectionism Global Research in International Affairs May 8, 2008
Palestinians Continue to Think It's 1948 Jewish Exponent April 3, 2008
What 'Silence' Are IDF's Critics Really Breaking? The Jewish Exponent February 28, 2008
A pathetic 'peace process' Philadelphia Daily News February 21, 2008
What Influence Does Saudi Money Buy? Jewish Exponent January 17, 2008
Jews in Germany, 2008 Philadelphia Daily News January 15, 2008
How UNRWA creates dependency Washington Times December 3, 2007
Auctioning Jerusalem Foretells Israeli PM's Demise American Thinker November 13, 2007
A New Anti-Semitism Takes Root on Campus Jewish Exponent September 13, 2007
How UNRWA Supports Hamas inFocus Fall 2007
The Latest Fashion: Anti-Semitism Reborn The Jewish Exponent August 30, 2007
Mobilization to Stop Investment in Terror The Jewish Exponent July 26, 2007
Anti-Zionists Have Every Reason to Feel Defensive The Jewish Exponent June 21, 2007
Dubious refugee relief Washington Times June 21, 2007
The fight against the Israel-haters in academia San Diego Jewish World June 15, 2007
The Real Palestinian 'Catastrophe' Philadelphia Daily News May 29, 2007
Separate But Equal April 17, 2007
Educate Students to Counter Voices of Hate Jewish Exponent March 22, 2007
The City Where 'Land for Peace' Breaks Down The Jewish Exponent February 15, 2007
Scholar activism Washington Times February 14, 2007
Carter's Palestinian fantasy No. 242 Philadelphia Daily News December 6, 2006
Are There No Moral Barometers on Campus? The Jewish Exponent November 16, 2006
Campus Anti-Israel Litmus Tests Must End The Jewish Exponent October 5, 2006
Who and What Does the UN Represent? September 21, 2006
Al-Manar: Beacon of Hate Tech Central Station August 18, 2006
Targeted Killings July 21, 2006
David and Goliath May 10, 2006
Hamas and the IRA February 14, 2006
One Man, One Vote - Once December 12, 2005
Academics against Israel Jerusalem Post October 19, 2005
The Occupation of the Palestinian Mind October 12, 2005
The Council on Foreign Relations Does the Middle East Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
Gaza: How it All Got Started... August 26, 2005
A Democratic Hamas? June 22, 2005
The Jewish Canary The Claremont Institute (Writings) May 13, 2005
What binds Ankara and Jerusalem Jerusalem Post May 1, 2005
Restless in Gaza Tech Central Station April 26, 2005
Anti-Semitism Revisited February 28, 2005
Palestinians: A Fractious 'Family' Philadelphia Daily News January 8, 2005
Sharon's Altalena December 7, 2004
The "Respectable" Tyrant The Claremont Institute (Writings) November 18, 2004
Unpacking the "Right of Return" August 27, 2004
Anti-Israel Academia August 3, 2004
Arafat minion as professor Washington Times July 9, 2004
Foresaking Gaza May 5, 2004
Where Is Ron Arad? National Review Online March 17, 2004
The Campus Left: Opposing Free Speech by Force January 28, 2004
Hamas in Florida Classroom The New York Sun January 27, 2004
Nothing Left for the Israeli Left January 22, 2004
One Man Bank November 27, 2003
Fulbright's Terrorist Tie The New York Post October 20, 2003
Israel's Military Dilemma Foreign Policy Research Institute May 10, 2002

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The War of Return: How Western Indulgence of the Palestinian Dream Has Obstructed the Path to Peace
by Adi Schwartz and Einat Wilf
Australia/Israel Review June 3, 2020
Industry of Lies: Media, Academia, and the Israeli-Arab Conflict
by Ben-Dror Yemini
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2019
Deir Yassin: The End of the Myth
by Eliezer Tauber
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
Thou Shalt Innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World
by Avi Jorisch
JNS May 13, 2018
The Tail Wags the Dog: International Politics and the Middle East
by Efraim Karsh
Jerusalem Post November 19, 2015
Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Issue: The Formulation of Policy, 1948-1956
by Jacob Tovy
Ynet News August 5, 2015
America's Great Game: The CIA's Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East
by Hugh Wilford
Jerusalem Post February 12, 2015
State of Failure: Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Unmaking of the Palestinian State
by Jonathan Schanzer
The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2013
Tested by Zion: The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Elliott Abrams
The Journal of the Middle East and Africa December 20, 2013
Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God
by Matthew Levitt
The Journal of International Security Affairs Fall/Winter 2013
Antisemitism: A Specific Phenomenon
by Clemens Heni
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism June 2013
Menachem Begin: A New Life
by Avi Shilon
Jewish Ideas Daily May 3, 2013
Navigating Iran: From Carter to Obama
by Ofira Seliktar
The Times of Israel December 25, 2012
Jewish Images in the Comics
by Fredrik Stromberg
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism December 2012
The State of the Jews: A Critical Appraisal
by Edward Alexander
SPME August 30, 2012
Deception: Betraying the Peace Process
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Jewish Political Studies Review July 8, 2012
Israel, Jordan, and Palestine: The Two-State Imperative
by Asher Susser
The Jerusalem Post March 1, 2012
The Prime Ministers: An Intimate Narrative of Israeli Leadership
by Yehuda Avner
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America
by Kenneth L. Marcus
Jewish Political Studies Review Spring 2011
The End of Modern History in the Middle East
by Bernard Lewis
ASMEA Book Notes July 14, 2011
National Minority, Regional Majority: Palestinian Arabs versus Jews in Israel
by Yitzhak Reiter
ASMEA Book Notes January 2011
Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices
by Mosab Hassan Yousef
The Journal of International Security Affairs Fall 2010
Palestine Betrayed
by Efraim Karsh
Jewish Political Studies Review Fall 2010
The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
by Jonathan Schneer
ASMEA Book Notes October 14, 2010
Palestinian Identity
by Rashid Khalidi
The Jerusalem Post July 16, 2010
Doomed to Failure?: The Politics and Intelligence of the Oslo Peace Process
by Ofira Seliktar
The Jerusalem Post December 31, 2009
A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel
by Allis Radosh and Ronald Radosh
The Jerusalem Post November 5, 2009
The Palestinian Military: Between Militias and Armies
by Hillel Frisch
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009
Myths, Illusions, and Peace: Finding a New Direction for America in the Middle East
by Dennis Ross and David Makovsky
The Jerusalem Post June 25, 2009
The Chosen: The History of an Idea, and the Anatomy of an Obsession
by Avi Beker
Jewish Political Studies Review Spring 2009
History Upside Down: The Roots of Palestinian Fascism and the Myth of Israeli Aggression
by David Meir-Levi
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
A History of Modern Israel
by Colin Shindler
Jerusalem Post October 12, 2008
Academics against Israel and the Jews
by Manfred Gerstenfeld
Jewish Political Studies Review Spring 2008
Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present
by Michael Oren
Journal of International Security Affairs Spring 2008
Lessons from the Palestinian ‘War' against Israel
by Moshe Yaalon
Jewish Political Studies Review Fall 2007
The Truth about Syria
by Barry Rubin,
Jerusalem Post October 25, 2007
The War of Ideas: Jihad against Democracy
by Walid Phares September 4, 2007
The Israeli Military and the Origins of the 1967 War: Government, Armed Forces and Defence Policy, 1963-1967
by Ami Gluska
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
The Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and Their Dispatchers
by Anat Berko
The Jerusalem Post July 26, 2007
Warrant for Terror: The Fatwas of Radical Islam, and the Duty of Jihad
by Shmuel Bar
Jewish Political Studies Review Spring 2007
Haderech Lagan Eden [The Path to the Garden of Eden]
by Anat Berko
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
The UN Gang: A Memoir of Incompetence, Corruption, Espionage, Anti-Semitism and Islamic Extremism at the UN Secretariat
by Pedro Sanjuan
Journal of International Security Affairs March 2006
Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos
by Dore Gold
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Covering the Intifada - How the Media Reported the Palestinian Uprising
by Joshua Muravchik
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005
Jordan in Transition: From Hussein to Abdullah
by Curtis R. Ryan
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
The Middle East Military Balance, 2001-2002 Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Ve Gar Ze'ev im Ze'ev: Ha Mitnachalim Ve Ha Palistinaim
by Joseph Alpher
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002

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