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American Anthropological Association boycott of Israel will be to its detriment
Jul 30, 2023

Biden's 'antisemitism strategy' harms efforts to protect Jews
Jun 9, 2023

The Zionist dream at 75
Apr 25, 2023

The Hijacking of Middle East Studies
Nov 4, 2022

Language Matters
Sep 18, 2022

Biden blunders on refugees
Jul 21, 2022

Democrats go to war against Israel
Jun 2, 2022

MESA's Israel boycott encapsulates everything wrong with academia
Mar 27, 2022

What Biden Gets Wrong About UNRWA
Mar 23, 2022

From normalizing antisemitism to denying it
Feb 21, 2022

Gaza's unending war between wars
Dec 16, 2021

Boycotting Israel at the Middle East Studies Association
Dec 4, 2021

The distinctiveness of the Balfour Declaration
Nov 4, 2021

The Lost in Translation of US-Israeli Relations
Sep 30, 2021

The Progressive Saviour Complex: Quakers, American Jews and Israel
July 2021

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