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Corrupted from Birth: The UNRWA's Forgotten History

February 25, 2024  •  The National Interest

The discovery of a Hamas server farm beneath the United Nations Relief and Relief Agency (UNRWA) 's Gaza headquarters culminates a catastrophic few months for the world's largest welfare organization. Israeli intelligence recently found that at least a dozen UNRWA employees were directly involved in the October 7 massacres, and at least 1,200 had ties to Hamas. In addition, UN Watch released a report showing that over 3,000 UNRWA employees cheered on the October 7 report on private communications channels.

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We must keep terrorists out — by any means necessary

February 18, 2024  •  The Hill

Last month, the House voted on what ought to have been the easiest resolution in recent memory.

Introduced by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.), the No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act sought to achieve one simple goal: keep any terrorist who participated in or facilitated the Oct. 7, 2023, massacre of thousands of innocent Israelis from entering the U.S.

You would think that even in an American political landscape as highly partisan and divisive as our own, you'd find no one who disagrees with the premise that we shouldn't welcome terrorists who have raped women, beheaded children and executed entire families.

You'd be wrong.

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The Crisis in Higher Education and Advice for Donors

December 21, 2023  •  RealClearWorld

Among the most shocking side effects of Hamas' horrific October 7th attack on Israel has been to expose the indecency at the heart of the American university. The question is what to do about it.

Before the Israeli victims' blood had dried celebrations broke out on American campuses, applauding Hamas' "audacity" and "ingenuity" in bringing murder, rape, torture and kidnapping to some 1,200 Israelis.

University administrators responded clumsily, with only a small percentage issuing statements (as opposed to their quick responses to the killing of George Floyd and other outrages). This set into motion three hugely consequential series of events.

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Defeating Hamas is must for Israel and the world

December 8, 2023  •  New York Daily News

Skeptics may question Israel's ability to defeat Hamas yet absolute defeat is not only possible but a necessity. Even barbaric, tyrannical forces like Nazi Germany or the Islamic State, can be eliminated with the appropriate use of power. Total destruction of entities renders the idea behind it ineffective, but ideas, starting with Nasserism and ending with ISIS, can be destroyed, too.

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The red-green alliance against the West

December 1, 2023  •  The Washington Examiner

The murderous Hamas attack on Israel can be described as a success only in a limited and horrific tactical sense: More Jews were murdered in a single day than at any time since the Holocaust. The surprise was achieved thanks to elaborate planning and lavish Iranian funding and to Israeli complacency on the part of the military and distracted political echelon. The price was immense and terrible.

But in a strategic sense, the attack was a failure and illustrates a truism of Middle Eastern history: The Palestinians, in this case Hamas, are their own worst enemies. Even their successes are, or will be, failures. Consider some of the unintended consequences of the Hamas attack. These range from local to regional to global effects.

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